We at Cottonelle® are aiming to cut our environmental footprint to 50% by 2030 through smart sustainable practices.

Cottonelle environmental footprint


Caring for our forests

100% of fibers for Cottonelle® products come from sustainable resources. That means no harsh chemicals, dyes, or plastic fibers that harm biodiversity and forest-dependent cultures.

By promoting sustainable forest management, we can lessen the acceleration of climate change while also conserving critical, rich, terrestrial biodiversity and supporting forest-dependent communities around the world.

Forest background image Caring for our forests
Reducing our use of plastic


Reducing Our Use Of Plastic

Kimberly-Clark works to improve our material efficiency, develop innovative alternatives to fossil fuel-based plastics, and support circular material flows and other end-of-life solutions.

Each year since 2019 we’ve reduced our use of new, fossil-fuel based plastics, diverted manufacturing waste from landfill to beneficial uses, and made more of our current recovered, recyclable, compostable, and or biodegradable packaging.


Flushing Out the Carbon

Our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction efforts are focused on energy conservation, renewable and alternative energy generation, and improving measurement of our emissions.

We are focused on increasing renewable energy generation in North America by lowering energy consumption and identifying alternative, renewable energy sources to power our manufacturing operations.

Wind turbine background images
Dropping Cottonelle® toilet paper Dropping Cottonelle® toilet paper


We’re recyclable

Did you know our toilet paper and flushable wipes come with recyclable packaging?

Drop off all Cottonelle® toilet paper packaging at local participating retail stores. For Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes, just remove the #5 polypropylene flip top lids and recycle them wherever #5 is collected.