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Septic and sewer safe, Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is 3X More Absorbent, 3X Thicker, and 3X Stronger.

Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is a 2-layer bath tissue made with fibers that are 100% biodegradable and safe for sewers and septic tanks.

All Cottonelle® toilet paper is sourced from responsibly managed forest. Learn more about Cottonelle’s Sustainability efforts.

Choose from a variety of roll and pack sizes when you buy Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper online or in-store.

Per sheet versus the leading national value brand

Product Features

  • CleaningRipples™ texture designed to remove residue
  • plant-basedMade with plant-based fibers sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • softOur most comfortable 2-layer toilet paper
  • Clog-safe sewe-safe septic-safe100% flushable : clog-safe, sewer-safe, septic-safe
  • luxurious cleanPair together with flushable wipes for a refreshing clean
  • flushable2-layer toilet paper

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What Happened??

I have been using your product for years and recently noticed I am going thru rolls way faster (no change in my habits). Not as absorbent, rolls not lasting as long, more expensive. Unfortunately, I am going try another brand. I do not know



Who needs a bidet?

I am on the mission to find the best toilet paper and this might be it! This is strong and moisture wicking without leaving any dust or bits behind. In even the toughest of situations, this toilet paper has gotten me through it! This is a r

Cottonelle User


make cottenelle good again!

the thickness has changed this last year. I will be going back to charmin because of the price

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Questions & Answers

Product FAQs

No, we only use virgin wood fibers from responsibly managed forests.
Yes, Cottonelle® Toilet Paper is clog safe and septic safe.
Cottonelle® Toilet Paper is biodegradable, made with water and renewable fibers, and sourced from responsibly managed forests.
Yes!   Bundle poly film can be added to ‘Store Drop Off’ collection with other packaging poly films. For store location:
Each sheet of toilet paper is 4" x 3 3/4". The width of every roll is 3 3/4".
Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is unscented and contains no toxic materials.
Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is designed to help you absorb more moisture to feel comfortably clean.
We're part of the Kimberly-Clark Family
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